Course Tour

College Heights Golf Course Hole 1

Hole #1  Par 4   332 yds
Starting  next to the Pro Sh0p, the fairway dips down to a stone lined creek,  then rises again to a 90 degree dog-leg right to the green.  Plenty of room off the tee, but the green is well guarded and slopes severely from left to right.  The green can be hit with your drive but the risks are great with trees and out-of-bounds standing ready to make you pay the price for an errant shot.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 2

Hole #2  Par 4  322 yds
The fairway radically slopes from right to left.  Both sides are lined with trees.  A shot hugging the right side is the best bet, as  you can let it run down to the left side of the fairway.  Sloping green.  If the pin is up front, don’t miss it on the left as it will roll off the green.  Careful on the down hill putts, as you might find yourself 5-7 yards off the green.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 3

Hole #3  Par 3  147 yds
Hole #3 is referred to as the “easiest Par 5” on the golf course.  Not long, but the diabolically sloping green makes for any and all shots to be an adventure.  If  you are going to miss, short and left is the place to be.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 4

Hole #4 Par 5  555 ydsThe fairway makes a sharp dog-leg right about 210 yards off the tee.  A good straight drive will run through the fairway and end up in the trees.  A fade is the shot off the tee, as you can cut the corner on this one.  Wide open after that all the way to the green.  Don’t miss long as the green slopes back to front.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 5

Hole #5 Par 4   308 yds
A straight par 4 that is trickier than it looks.  Guarded on both sides with trees and a fairway bunker, you really don’t want to miss left on this one.  If the pin is on the right half of the green, it becomes well guarded by a greenside bunker.  Don’t miss long, it will make for a devil of a chip back down the green.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 6

Hole #6  Par 5  #490 yds
Welcome to College Heights Signature Hole.  The fairway dog-legs left about 180 yards off the tee.  You can cut the corner, but only suggested for the strong of heart and long hitters.  100 yards out from the green, standing in the middle of the fairway, stands a large tree that is a magnet for errant golf balls.  Long hitters could have a iron into the green, but best played to run under the tree for the short hitters and make it a 3rd shot to the green.  Don’t miss right. Besides the out of bounds this can make for a risky chip.  Green slopes right to left.  Good Luck!
College Heights Golf Course Hole 7

Hole #7  Par 3  154 yds
A great little par 3 that isn’t as innocent as it looks.  The tee is located well above the green, so take at least one less club.  Beware of the out of bounds on the right.   A small and sloping green makes for a great target, and depending on the pin placement, a two putt is not guaranteed.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 8

Hole #8  Par 4  248
Short but onery.  This par 4 can give out the birdies and the bogies+ with equal discrimation.  Very difficult to hold the green as it is well protected by a bunker and trees.  To add to the fun, it slopes away from you on the tee.  The smart play is to put it  in the fairway and rely on your short game to walk away with a birdie.
College Heights Golf Course Hole 9

Hole #9  Par 4  277 yds
Another short par 4 that has high risk and reward factors built into it.  The fairway dog-legs to the left about 200 yards out.  Long hitters can go for the green, and an accurate tee shot will pay off big dividends.  One of the flattest greens on the course, but if the pin is left, look out, makes 2 putting a challenge.